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Moonlight Sonata Opus 27 Nr. 2 (Mondschein)

Schubert Impromptu no. II Opus 142 A-flat major.


Accepting commision work. Please contact me if you would like work done. If you wish to purchase individual tracks, please contact me via e-mail. All songs are created by an independent artist (except as otherwise noted) with no association to any record label so please do not promote piracy of purchased files/songs - I don't care if you play them on the radio for public display, just give me credit. I do care if you're just giving away something you purchased to your friends. Friends - do the right thing and send me a few dollars for making this cool stuff.



Airwolf is STRICTLY fan art. I do not make any money off of this at all. Original Airwolf theme song credit goes out to Sylvester Levay - but really you should already know that because you looked up "Airwolf" on google and found out it was about this awesome helicopter show from the 1980's that nobody practically remembers anymore...

Track List:

1. Stupidity (4:19) 2. Overcoming (4:28) 3. Down (1:12) 4. Dedication (4:58) 5. Attrition (2:50) 6. Revolution (4:19)